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Top 15 Gymnastics Moments of 2015

GymMapStics has compiled an extremely biased and highly scientific list of the greatest fifteen gymnastics moments of 2015 broken down into five categories of three moments each. 

World Championships 2015

2015 Worlds All Around Final: The Simone Show Part 3

Simone Biles won her third consecutive all around title two weeks ago in Glasgow and cemented her status as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Some other people also competed. 

World Championships Gymnastics 2015

2015 Worlds: The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

The FIG lauded the 2015 World Championships as the better than the 2012 Olympics and the best championships ever! GymMapStics may or may not disagree with this assessment.

World Championships Gymnastics 2015

2015 Worlds Team Final: Becuase I’m Still In Denial That It’s Over

GymMapStics returned from World Championships and real life immediately smacked her in the face, which has caused a massive delay in both viewing and recapping the team final. Check out thoughts on the competition below!

2015 World Championships Team Preview: Great Britain

The gymnasts featured in the trainwreck of an image* above represented Great Britain at the 2014 European Championships and many will contend for spots at the 2015 World Championships. Here’s a preview of those gymnasts as well as the new seniors who may represent their homeland in their homeland!


2015 World Championships Team Preview: China

Earlier this week, China announced its eight member delegation for the 2015 World Championships. The provisional list includes four returning World Championships competitors and four first year seniors. The designation between final team and alternates will be determined closer to the event in Glasgow. Here’s a brief preview of the entire squad!

Strengths and Weaknesses of the World Championship Training Squad – Oldies and Newbies

The entire 2014 gold medal winning United States World Championship team will attend the 2015 World Championship training camps as will the gymnasts below, who are a combination of oldies making returns to the sport and newbies trying to navigate the path to a World Championships for the first time.