Traveling the world one gymnastics meet at a time

Highlands Adventure Tour!

Summer in Scotland continued with a Highlands tour.

Summer in Scotland: Same as Winter Except Not Dark in the Afternoon

I spent four weeks in Scotland because I “wanted to experience summer” in a place I had only previously visited in fall/winter. I landed in Scotland, put on my Icelandic sweater, and did not take it off for three weeks. 

Edinburgh Castle lit up for Christmas!

Spreading Holiday Cheer in Edinburgh!

I spent two major holidays of the 2015 season in Edinburgh, Scotland: Halloween and Christmas! One event involved spreading holiday cheer to those whose cold hearts could not comprehend the spirit of the holiday and the other involved no pants and drinking a lot. Can you guess which was which?

World Championships Gymnastics 2015

2015 Worlds Team Final: Becuase I’m Still In Denial That It’s Over

GymMapStics returned from World Championships and real life immediately smacked her in the face, which has caused a massive delay in both viewing and recapping the team final. Check out thoughts on the competition below!

Six Things On My Scotland To Do List

Team USA arrived in Scotland today which means the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships are upon finally us! The 2015 World Championships will be the first World Championships to take place in the United Kingdom but not in England. Glasgow has hosted numerous World Cup events and the Commonwealth Games but the competition will be the first for…

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Five Desserts in Five Countries

A wise man once said life is short, eat dessert first. Or someone just wrote that on a piece of sketch paper, drew some colorful swirlies around it, uploaded it to Pinterest, and attributed it to an old deceased person. Desserts provide important insight into the culture of a location but more importantly, calories consumed…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Attending an International Gymnastics Competition

In preparation for World Championships, GymMapStics has some advice from her own personal experiences for the novice international gymnastics meet traveler. Do: Invest in a backpack! Don’t underestimate the value of carrying your belongings on your back and having two hands: one to hold a cell phone, one to hold a map or a coffee or,…

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