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Olympic Team Final: Highest Team Finish for Great Britain, Germany

GymMapStics’ continued analysis of the 2016 Olympic Games team final, which resulted in the highest team finishes ever for both Great Britain and Germany. 


That Time My Laptop Was Stolen.

I lost a phone, had a phone stolen, left my ATM card in a machine, and made countless other travel blunders in the past four months. But before you start thinking of me as miniature Lennie Small with a backpack, I would like to mention that I have yet to miss a flight, bus, boat, train,…

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2016 Cottbus World Challenge Cup Beam and Floor Results and Recap

The final day of the Cottbus World Challenge Cup took place today with the beam and floor finals.

2016 Cottbus World Challenge Cup Preview

The 40th annual Turnier Der Meister, also called the Cottbus World Challenge Cup, takes place March 31 – April 4, 2016 in Cottbus, Germany. 


Five Desserts in Five Countries

A wise man once said life is short, eat dessert first. Or someone just wrote that on a piece of sketch paper, drew some colorful swirlies around it, uploaded it to Pinterest, and attributed it to an old deceased person. Desserts provide important insight into the culture of a location but more importantly, calories consumed…

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Three Things I Wish I Had Brought and Three Things I’m Glad I Forgot – 2014 Stuttgart World Cup

Hindsight is perfect10:perfect10, which would be a better joke if the perfect 10 had not been abolished almost a decade ago! Here are three things I wish I had  and three things I am glad to have gone without at the 2014 Stuttgart World Cup!


10 Things That Happen When You Travel to an International Gymnastics Meet

Gymnastics provides the greatest excuse to travel in the world. Chose an event, book a flight, and go! This is the preferred method of travel for indecisive travel bug sufferers and has yielded fantastic results. Prepare yourself for many if not all of the following events to occur when you travel to an international gymnastics…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Attending an International Gymnastics Competition

In preparation for World Championships, GymMapStics has some advice from her own personal experiences for the novice international gymnastics meet traveler. Do: Invest in a backpack! Don’t underestimate the value of carrying your belongings on your back and having two hands: one to hold a cell phone, one to hold a map or a coffee or,…

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