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Olympic Team Final: Highest Team Finish for Great Britain, Germany

GymMapStics’ continued analysis of the 2016 Olympic Games team final, which resulted in the highest team finishes ever for both Great Britain and Germany. 


Ten New Skills Submitted During 2016 Olympic Games

The following skills have been submitted to the International Gymnastics Federation for evaluation and inclusion in the Code of Points. 

2016 Olympic Event Finals Contenders: Guessing Games Are Fun

A preview of the gymnasts who may or may not make event finals but could probably but we don’t want to jinx anyone because anything can happen in this sport we love so much it’s almost unhealthy.

Great Britain Names 2016 European Championship Team

Today Great Britain announced the gymnasts who will compete at the 2016 European Championships June 1 – 5 in Bern, Switzerland.  

World Championships 2015

2015 Worlds Event Finals: The Simone Show Part 3 Act 2

GymMapStics continues to recap, review, and rehash events from almost a month ago! Vamos!

2015 World Championships Team Preview: Great Britain

The gymnasts featured in the trainwreck of an image* above represented Great Britain at the 2014 European Championships and many will contend for spots at the 2015 World Championships. Here’s a preview of those gymnasts as well as the new seniors who may represent their homeland in their homeland!