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‘Tard Talk. That’s Leotard without the Leo: 2006 World Championships Edition

Wassssuup!!! That’s a thing people said in 2006, right? In today’s edition of ‘Tard Talk, we’ll be discussing the ‘tards of the 2006 World Championships! The Aarhus World Championships occurred at a very exciting time in the world of gymnastics, as the middle of the quad always provides great entertainment and foreshadows the upcoming Olympics. Jokes!…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Attending an International Gymnastics Competition

In preparation for World Championships, GymMapStics has some advice from her own personal experiences for the novice international gymnastics meet traveler. Do: Invest in a backpack! Don’t underestimate the value of carrying your belongings on your back and having two hands: one to hold a cell phone, one to hold a map or a coffee or,…

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