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Creative Costumes or Athletic Attire: The Gymnastics Conundrum

Should leotards play into the idea of gymnastics as a performance or strictly serve as athletic uniforms?


‘Tard Talk. That’s Short for Leotard. P&G Championships Day 2 Edition

Another day of P&G Championships, another set of leotards to rip apart! Figuratively, of course. Unless you are in need of new practice leotards and have a bunch of old competition leos and tear off the sleeves and all of sudden have some new tank leos! Same deal as before with the sloth and copyright confusion….

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Strengths and Weaknesses of the World Championship Training Squad – Oldies and Newbies

The entire 2014 gold medal winning United States World Championship team will attend the 2015 World Championship training camps as will the gymnasts below, who are a combination of oldies making returns to the sport and newbies trying to navigate the path to a World Championships for the first time.

Transformation Tuesday: Bailie Key

GymMapStics wrote about Bailie Key back when she was but a wee baby junior as a sample piece for The Couch Gymnast. How did she transform from tiny Bailie to senior gymnast Bailie? Continue reading to find out!