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Szombathely World Cup Balance Beam and Floor Results and Recap

Szombathely World Cup balance beam and floor results. 

Balance Beam

1. Jianqi Lyu (CHN) 5.2, 8.1, 13.30
1. Emily Little (AUS) 5.6, 7.7, 13.30
3. Veronika Cenkova (CZE) 5.2, 7.822, 13.022
4. Kovacs Zsofia (HUN) 5.8, 6.766, 12.566
4. Maija Leionen (FIN) 5.0, 7.566, 12.566
6. Yana Fedorova (UKR) 5.3, 6.766, 12.066
7. Adela Sajn (SLO) 4.7, 6.466,(.1) 11.166
8. Diveky Luca (HUN) 4.9, 6.233, 11.133

Balance beam qualifications featured numerous falls and silly mistakes which made the final appear wide open. Jiaqi Lyu won the gold medal with a very solid routine that included a roundoff layout that she completely nailed, a switch leap to back tuck, side aerial, front aerial, and beautiful leaps and jumps. Emily Little tied for the gold medal and begins her routine with a switch leap onto the end of the beam mount, which she struggled with in warmups but then hit in competition. Emily also competes a punch front, back handspring layout, and an interesting front aerial switch leap back tuck combination. Czech Republic’s Veronika Cenkova earned the bronze medal with a very strong routine and 5.2 points in difficulty. She competed a front aerial to wolf jump, back handspring layout step out, a punch front with a small wobble, side somi, switch leap half turn, side aerial, and a low difficulty dismount. Finnish gymnast Maija Leinonen performed a great routine but her low D score of only 5.2 put her in fourth place, where she tied with Hungarian Olympian Zsofia Kovacs. Maija competed a beautiful back handspring layout step out, front aerial, side somi, side aerial, and a pike gainer dismount with a small hop. Zsofia had the highest difficulty of the final and a good routine with the exception of her fall on her round off layout. She hit all of her other skills, including side aerial, switch leap switch leap half, front aerial to Sissone to side somi and her roundoff double tuck dismount. Hopefully she can figure out her issues on the most mentally challenging event and rehab from any injuries hampering her training because this gymnast has great potential. The gymnasts that placed sixth, seventh, and eighth, all fell from the apparatus. Yana Fedorova from Ukraine fell on a front aerial that seemed as though she could have fought to save but hit her side aerial layout step out combination that she fell on in prelims. Adela Sajn, who donned her infamous 2008 Olympics leo for the occasion, also fell on a side aerial and nearly fell on a front aerial but grapevine across the beam to stay on.  Adela performed an illusion turn and turned a wobble into a pose, which the judges seemed to have interpreted as choreography. Adela won the overall World Cup beam title which should make up for her missing out on a medal in Szombathely. Diveky Luca from Hungary fell on a back handspring back tuck and a turn but also performed a beautiful full turn in attitude. Congrats to all the gymnasts for a great final!


1. Dorina Boeczego (HUN) 5.5, 7.833, (.1) 13.233
2. Veronika Cenkova (CZE) 5.1, 7.7, 12.8
3. Dora Kranzelic (CRO) 5.2, 7.566, 12.766
4. Yana Fedorova (UKR) 4.9, 7.6, 12.5
5. Maija Leinonen (FIN) 4.6, 7.666 12.266
5. Yufen Xie (CHN) 4.9, 7.366, 12.266
7. Anastasiia Bieliaieva (UKR) 5.0, 7.166, 12.166
8. Jinru Liu (CHN) 5.1, 6.666 (.3) 11.466

Dorina Boezcoego earned the gold medal on floor at home with a very strong routine. She opened with a double layout and followed up with a front handspring double front. She qualified into first place in qualifications by a huge margin and downgraded her third pass to a layout full to split jump. Dorina concluded her routine with a double pike and even with the downgrade she earned enough points to take first place. The 2012 Olympian also won the overall World Cup floor title and the large glass vase that accompanies the title. Veronika Cenkova competed in her third final of the World Cup on floor exercise and opened her routine with a double pike. She also competes a Memmel turn, front handspring front full, and a double tuck. Her clean routine earned her the silver medal. Croatian gymnast Dora Kranzelic competed a two and a half twist, double pike, and triple twist and her clean buy simple gymnastics resulted in a bronze medal. Ukranian gymnasts Yana Fedorova and Anastasiia Bieliaieva each performed two and a half twists and double tucks with Bieliaieva performing a full in as well. Fedorova competed a one and half to front layout and missed out on the podium by .266 points and Bieliaieva finished in seventh place. Finland’s Maija Leinonen performed a simple routine with a double tuck, double twist, and a front handspring front full and finished in fifth place. Yurfen Xie from China completed a relatively easy routine with only 4.9 in difficutly because she competed a back layout as one of her passes. Jinru Liu could not repeat her gold medal performance on vault during the floor exercise final. Liu struggled with her two and a half twist to punch front and landed in a sitting position. She also competed a triple twist, a full in with a large bounce out of it, and a double tuck.

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Kerry Joyce • 10/10/2016

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