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Olympic Team Final: Netherlands Here to Stay, Brazil Solid at Home

Netherland proves Glasgow success was not a chance occurance and Brazil competes a solid meet at home.

I Can Compete for Ireland or How I Got an EU Passport As an American

If I were to somehow unlock some sort of athletic ability I did not know I had, I could do gymnastics for Ireland. Tragically, I lack any sort of hand eye coordination and reached a gymnastics plateau fifteen years ago but here’s a breakdown of the  definitely long but not so arduous process of getting an…

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Where I’ve Been Since Euros: Romania

It’s been a while since I recapped my adventures. Here’s a recap of my time in Romania following 2016 European Championships.

Monthly Recap: August 2016

Recap of August Adventures!

Highlights from 2016 Olympics Qualifications: Individuals

All the gymnasts who independent, throw your hands up at me. A look back at the gymnasts who competed at the 2016 Olympic qualifications as individuals. .

Highlights from Qualifications: Outside the Top 8 Teams

Twelve teams competed in the qualification round of the 2016 Olympics and only eight teams qualified into the team final. Continue reading for a breakdown of the teams that only competed in prelims.


Ten New Skills Submitted During 2016 Olympic Games

The following skills have been submitted to the International Gymnastics Federation for evaluation and inclusion in the Code of Points. 

2016 Olympics Podium Training with Uncle Tony

Podium training for the 2016 Olympics took place yesterday and Tony Perkins has all the feelings about it. 

2016 Olympic Event Finals Contenders: Guessing Games Are Fun

A preview of the gymnasts who may or may not make event finals but could probably but we don’t want to jinx anyone because anything can happen in this sport we love so much it’s almost unhealthy.

Monthly Recap: July 2016

 Recap of July Adventures!

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