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Olympic Team Final: Netherlands Here to Stay, Brazil Solid at Home

Netherland proves Glasgow success was not a chance occurance and Brazil competes a solid meet at home.


The Netherlands somewhat unexpectedly qualified into the team final at the 2015 World Championships and in doing so secured the country a place in the 2016 Olympic Games. The gymnasts repeated their qualifications success and competed in the Rio team final where they finished in seventh place. Their ability to again qualify into the team final demonstrates that their performance in Glasgow was not a fluke nor did they sneak into the team final because other team imploded during qualifications. The Netherlands found a formula for the Code of Points that works consistently and utilizes their strengths, which is to say, spinning like jewelry box ballerinas on a cocktail of illegal substances. Vault involved zero turning or spinning and thus the team had to compete the apparatus choosing from the same vaults as all other teams. They excel in construction creativity on other events (and in regular creativity, Sanne designed all their Rio leotards!) but lacked any creativity on vault and performed three Yurchenko variations in the full, one and a half, and double persuasion. Vera van Pol contributed a Yurchenko one and a half in her only event. The team competed well on uneven bars with Eythora Thorsdottir earning the highest score with 5.9 and 8.833 in difficulty and execution, respectively. The Netherlands’ highest difficulty and overall event score came on balance beam, which can be largely attributed to Sanne Wevers’ 6.6 difficulty routine. She competed a round off full twisting back handspring mount which she immediately connected to a back handspring. The unique mount cancels out one Yurchenko vault. Sanne also performed a one and a half L turn, also known as a Wevers, side aerial side aerial, front aerial to back handspring, quite a few additional turns, a switch leap to back handspring, and a Steingruber dismount. Sanne’s twin sister, also competed on beam and also featured many leaps and turns. The Wevers’ sisters and the Netherlands in general have a reputation for mainly spinning but their routines also include interesting acro, as seen in Sanne’s mount. Eythora also competed on beam and she performed an illusion turn and an interesting side aerial to Korbut flip combination. Lieke Wevers, Eythora, and Celine van Gerner performed on floor and Lieke performed a beautiful routine that should be the immediate response to any article or person that claims gymnastics is not artistic and that it is an insult to people in an entirely different discipline. Van Gerner competed a good routine and Eythora started strong with a triple twist to punch front but stepped out of bounds twice, which incurred four tenths of deduction. The Netherlands team should be extremely pleased with their performance. Not only did they qualify into their first Olympics less than a year ago, they qualified as one of the top eight teams and then did not even come in dead last. The team and country has a very bright and exciting gymnastics future.

MVP: Eythora for competing AA.

Leo Score: A+ Country colors, sparkle, and designed by a gymnast on the team. What more could you want.  


Brazil had an excellent Olympic Games and greatly improved over the past few years, as one would expect of a host nation. The team qualified in fifth place and ended the team final in eighth. Brazil received their highest execution scores on vault where they competed two double twisting Yurchenkos and one Amanar. Rebeca Andrade performed the Amanar and incurred a one tenth deduction for stepping out of bounds, which was the only neutral deduction Brazil received. The team earned it’s highest difficulty score on bars with three solid routines from Lorraine Oliveira, Jade Barbosa, and Andrade. The team also had a decent balance beam rotation with Daniele Hypolito and Barbosa each beginning their routines with Garrison mounts, which seem extremely unique and creative in a world of lame leap onto the end of the beam or boring jump into a straddle mounts. Barbosa unfortunately had a somewhat hilarious fall but kudos for opting out of the compulsory squat over mount. Hypolito also included a back handspring back handspring layout step out combination and a round off back handspring double tuck dismount. Flavia Sariava rounded out the balance beam line up and more unfortunate than Barbosa’s fall, she mounted with a snoozefest straddle hold. Luckily Flavia redeemed herself with a beautiful back handspring layout step out layout step out combination, a round off layout, and a bonus acro combination of front aerial front aerial side somi. What did we gymfans do to deserve Flavia? She also performed well on floor with a one and a half to two and a half twist, a full in, a double tuck, and a double pike. Flavia hopefully will continue to compete in international competition over the next few years because we should not be deprived of her beautiful and happy gymnastics. Flavia anchored the event and Barbosa opened the rotation with a solid routine that included an impressive double layout and whip to full in. Rebeca Andrade performed in the middle of the rotation to her wonderful Beyonce music that should result in Rebeca performing on stage with Beyonce at some point in the future. Rebeca unfortunately fell to her knees following her double pike probably because she danced too hard to Beyonce, which we would all do so who can blame her. Brazil overall had a solid team final although they probably would have done without the falls on beam and floor. The team did not qualify into the team final four years ago and they should be very pleased with their improvements as well as the major accomplishment of qualifying into the team final, especially in front of a home crowd.

MVP: Andrade, for bringing the Amanar and the Beyonce.

Leo Score: Check minus. Not very creative especially for a host team.

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Kerry Joyce • 15/09/2016

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