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Eleven Impressive and Unique Skills from 2015 P&G Championships

Gymnasts requires much more strategy than most laymen believe. Each skill has a defined point value and gymnasts endeavor to accumulate a greater number of points than one’s opponent and claim the victory. More difficult skills naturally earn a gymnast more points and often times the risk of the more difficult skill does not outweigh the potential reward. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in many gymnasts competing the same skills in the same combinations and slight variations stand out and leave strong impressions. GymMapStics would like to applaud the following gymnasts for breaking through the conformity and performing unique skills at the 2015 P&G Championships because World Championships is too far away and she keeps rewatching P&G’s over and over and over.

Aly Raisman – Double L Turn – The double L turn itself is not a unique skill; however, few people ever expected Aly competes-most-flips-in-one-pass-ever-without-even-training-it Raisman to perform a beautiful double L turn. Aly proved the haters, who gon’ hate hate hate, wrong and performed the turn wonderfully on both nights and received the same amount of points as if she had done a wolf turn. More gymnasts should consider learning this rather than continuing to sacrifice artistic merit by spinning like a deformed top and then barrel rolling into a pose, as one does in a wolf turn.

Sweet dance skill at 0:34.

Brenna Dowell – Kochetkova – Brenna Dowell has played the role of the tragic hero of USA Gymnastics for the past few years. She stems from the noble GAGE gym and has faced numerous hardships and countless gymnastics suffering but one cannot help but root for her and wish her to simply freakin’ hit. Luckily for Brenna truthers, she hit her famous hit her Tweddle Ezhova combination on both days of combination. Brenna also performed the only Kochetkova, or full twisting back handspring on beam of the competition. Brenna also competes a front handspring double front pike to immediate wolf jump. The tumbling pass itself is very unique and the ability to perform a controlled jump out of it is super impressive. Brenna has unique skills on three out of four events but unfortunately unique skills do not beget a world championships berth. Start the video at :50 to see her Kochetvkova in action.

Deanne Soza – Switch leap Onodi – Deanne performs very precise gymnastics and that includes her gorgeous switch leap Onodi combination on beam. :20

Emily Schild – Front Handspring Double Front – Most current elite gymnasts prefer backwards tumbling passes with a few exceptions. Brenna Dowell has favored front tumbling for years and this year Emily Schild has joined the ranks of gymnasts who compete a mix of front and back tumbling. Emily opens her floor routine with a front handspring double front that she performs effortlessly.

Abby Paulson – Side aerial layout step out layout step out – Abby competes a very impressive hands-free three acrobatic series on beam with a side aerial to immediate layout step out to another layout step out. This generally unseen combination impresses not only because Abby does three elements in a row but also does not at any point have her hands on the beam to possibly correct any misalignment. Abby must remain completely square with the beam throughout the series, which she does, and the series looks fluid and graceful. The awesome combination starts at :51.

Kyla Ross – Bhardwaj – Kyla’s Bhardwaj impresses because it is one of the first upgrades she has introduced in the 2013-2016 quad. Additionally it’s a tricky skill made even trickier by Kyla’s gigantic stature. Kyla missed the skill at the Secret US Classic, which increased the pressure on her to hit it during P&G’s. :16 mark.

Jordan Chiles – Gienger – Jordan competes a gorgeous piked Gienger with her legs perfectly pasted together, as the dearly NBC-departed Elfie Schlegel would say. This skill has become scarce in the past few years so this is a refreshing reappearance. See it at :25.

Maggie Nichols – Full In Dismount on Beam – Although she opted for an easier dismount on Day 2, Maggie Nichols competed a new full twisting double back dismount on beam on Day 1 of competition. The upgrade stood out against a field of double tuck and double pike dismounts and also demonstrated Maggie’s significant improvement and upgrade potential. Watch the video through to the end because it’s a dismount.

Christina Desiderio – Double Twisting Double Back- Christina springs extremely high on this skill and basically kicks out of the second full twisting back tuck. Christina could increase her polish on this skill but the height bodes well for her ability to compete it well in the future. First pass in this video.

Emily Gaskins – Triple Y Turn – Emily performs all of her dance elements with great technique and skill but her triple Y turn especially impressed. She completes this turn immediately after a full L turn and demonstrates her ballet training by controlling it to through to the finish, unlike many gymnasts who typically fall or stumble out of Y turns. 1:16

Laurie Hernandez – Tkatchev, Ray, Downie – Laurie caught the attention of many gym fans through her extremely enthusiastic floor routines but Laurie’s bar routine impressed greatly at the P&G Championships. Laurie hops on the bar and immediately busts out three very impressive release moves in sequence. The 2015 Junior National All Around champion achieves incredible height and maintains impeccable form on each skill.

aly raismanbrenna dowellchristina desideriodeanne sozaemily gaskinsemily schildgymnasticsjordan chileskyla rosslaurie hernandezMaggie Nichols

Kerry Joyce • 05/09/2015

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  1. Minna 08/09/2015 - 11:23 AM Reply

    Suggestion: link to videos/gifs of these moves for easy viewing access for those of us noobs who don’t know what some of these are!

    • Kerry Joyce 08/09/2015 - 10:50 PM Reply

      If only I knew how to GIF. Sadly, all I can do is JIF.

  2. Minna 10/09/2015 - 10:15 AM Reply


  3. WP 14/09/2015 - 1:45 PM Reply

    Great article! Love these original moves. I want to also add Emily Gaskin opening on beam to the list.

    • Kerry Joyce 14/09/2015 - 2:04 PM Reply

      Thank you!! Emily is a gorgeous gymnast and so is her beam mount!!

  4. WP 28/09/2015 - 10:07 PM Reply

    I went back and review Brenna front handspring pass. Love them! So unique… You must have seen the shocker US nominative list. Brenna has a real fighting chance of going to worlds this year. Would she be able to get the front handspring tuck and pike named after her?

    Some commentator mentioned that Veronica Wagner from Swe already done front double tuck in 2005. But it’s not a front handspring tuck, more like a front whip tuck? See here:

    Here’s Wagner fx:

    Here’s Brenna fx:

    I love how Emily schild also does the front handspring tuck even if it’s cowboyed…

    • Kerry Joyce 29/09/2015 - 9:09 PM Reply

      I would love to see Brenna compete at Worlds!!! I really hope she wasn’t on nominative list to motivate others to work harder. The USA delegation would have to submit the double front pike to the FIG for evaluation and then she’d have to compete it successfully in competition in order for it to be the “Dowell.” The USA has a lot of depth on floor so depending on the team composition I’m not sure I’d even put Brenna up on floor! Also, Wagner does a punch double front, rather than a handspring double front, so it’s the same skill, similar to the way a double back tuck is the same skill if it’s done out of a roundoff or a roundoff backhandspring.

      • WP 29/09/2015 - 10:37 PM Reply

        Yeah, LaurenH said Wagner didn’t get the credit bc she fell while performing at worlds twice back then. Which is why Brenna MUST compete her fx routine. She actually does have a shot to show it during qualification, which should still count even if it’s just qualification right? She won’t get a chance to do anywhere at all except during qual… Kocian’s fx is nice and “artistic” but I prefer brenna’s

        Saw this from back in 2010 also…

  5. WP 29/09/2015 - 5:37 AM Reply

    would it be possible for Brenna to get the front handspring double pike named after her at worlds? would love for that to happen!

  6. WP 03/10/2015 - 3:44 PM Reply

    Abby and Maillie should have a one on one on most skills done with no hand touching!!:

    Check out Mallie 4 in a row with no hands touching the beam 🙂

    Love these!!…

    • Kerry Joyce 04/10/2015 - 10:08 AM Reply

      that’s awesome!!

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