Traveling the world one gymnastics meet at a time

New Zealand Part 1: Auckland

These events took place between January 29 and February 7 2017.

Ireland: The Burren, Aran Islands, and Donegal

I continued my Irish adventures through Galway, the Aran Islands, and Donegal, among other places. 

Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Blarney, and Kerry

I became an Irish citizen only in the past year and figured I should actually spend some time there.

Highlands Adventure Tour!

Summer in Scotland continued with a Highlands tour.

Summer in Scotland: Same as Winter Except Not Dark in the Afternoon

I spent four weeks in Scotland because I “wanted to experience summer” in a place I had only previously visited in fall/winter. I landed in Scotland, put on my Icelandic sweater, and did not take it off for three weeks. 

Turkey Travels: Istanbul

Mt Turkey travels began and ended in the historic and huge continent straddling city of Istanbul. 


Turkey Travels: Selcuk

I explored more than Istanbul in Turkey and stopped at Selcuk after leaving Cappadocia.


Turkey Travels: Cappadocia

Did you know there are amazing places to visit in Turkey besides Istanbul??


Handstands in the Desert Part 3: More Camels, Mountains, and Mixed Fruit

Minna and I started our third day in Morocco in dunes in the desert and concluded the day with the world’s most disappointing dessert!

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