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Blume, Gander, and Swiss Cup

Gymnastics is back! Three meets took place this weekend and rather than starring at CNN livestreams all day, GymMapStics has recapped them all!

Joaquin Blume Memorial

The Joaquin Blume Memorial competition took place in Barcelona, Spain on 5 November 2016. Nina Derwael from Belgium earned the gold medal in the all around with an almost two point gap over the silver medal winner. Nina had a good balance beam routine as well and turned a wobble in a side scale, which was amazing and wonderful and all hail Nina.Nina’s floor music sounds like something an anthropomorphic moon would sing while a cartoon chef ran around in a tizzy attempting to prepare a large meal through which he must prove himself to be a valuable member of a small Italian town. Regardless of the silly music choice and even sillier rules that allow music such as this, Nina had a great performance on floor, hitting nearly all of her tumbling passes. The 2016 Olympian excels on uneven bars and earned the highest score of the entire competition on that event with 14.50 points. Melanie Dos Santos of France finished the competition in second place Melanie competed a strong full twisting Yurchenko and a good floor routine which she opened with a huge full in. Seda Tutkalyan did not have her best meet but finished in third place anyway. She fell after completing her round off layout full on beam and landed her double twisting Yurchenko extremely low with her knees almost touching the mat. Dorina Boeczoego from Hungary has not had the greatest time on bars throughout the 2016 season and her problems appear mental more than physical. She makes mistakes on easy elements rater than mistakes on skills she physically cannot do. At the Blume Memorial Competition, Dorina hit routine on bars until dismount where she stumbled backwards on double pike dismount. The 2012 Hungarian Olympian competed a watered down floor routine, similarly to the routine she competed in Szombathely, which included a full twisting layout pass. Dorina had an Ugg Boot sized tape job on her left ankle, which could explain the much less difficult tumbling. France’s Lorette Charpy placed fourth with Spain’s Claudia Colom, Ana Palacios, Marta Sanchez, and Violeta Sanchez placing sixth through ninth. 

Arthur Gander Memorial

The Gander Memorial meet is a three event meet, also known as “Romania’s Dream Format,” took place on 2 November 2016. Russian gymnast Angelina Melnikova took the top spot with strong performances on vault, bars, and beam. She began the competition with a good double twisting Yurchenko with a large bend at the hips and chest down during landing being the only obvious deduction. Gelya started strong on balance beam, hitting her tumbling combinations, including her front aerial to pike jump, as well as her dance elements but then fell on a side somi. Melnikova does not compete very consistently on balance beam which makes it strange that she would chose to compete beam and forego floor, where she is much more consistent. She finished the meet with a strong uneven bars routine including numerous inbar stalder skills and the quick combinations gymnastics fans have come to expect from the Russian teams. Dutch gymnast Eythora Thorsdottir earned the silver medal despite beginning the competition with a rather large mistake. She told the judges, via the numerical flashing system, that she would compete a Yurchenko double twist but then only performed a Yurchenko layout. Eythora stated on her Instagram that she did not hit the board well, which explains why she hit the vault table very far back and with bent arms. Eythora then competed on floor where she performs with more enthusiasm and pizzazz than many teams combined. Even her entrance onto the floor is pretty and creative and she had to perform her entry twice because the music did not play after she stood their in her starting pose for longer than necessary and walked off the apparatus. Eythora competed a solid beam routine with helped her end up in second place. Jessica Lopez from Venezuela placed third and competed on bars, beam, and floor. Jessica competed very well on bars and floor but then fell on her round off layout on beam.
Swiss gymnast Caterina Barloggio competed on bars, beam, and floor and finished in fourth place, despite a fall on a piked jaegar on uneven bars. She opened her floor routine with a stuck double tuck and followed up with a strong beam routine featuring a back handspring layout step out and switch leap back tuck. Carina Kroell from Germany competed on all the events except for bars which resulted in a fifth place finish. Carina fell on her beam mount but finished her routine cleanly. She also competed a good floor routine and a good front handspring front tuck half twist. Ilaria Kaslin from Switzerland finished in sixth place after small errors on both beam and floor. She competed a Yurchenko full which she landed bent over and with a step forward. The Swiss gymnast took a step out of bounds and slipped on the landing of one of her tumbling passes. She performed a very impressive save when she landed almost off the beam and pulled herself back up. Angelina Kysla of Ukraine ended the competition in seventh place, due to stumbling out of bounds on her last tumbling pass. Canada’s Victoria Woo struggled to hit handstands and maintain good form on uneven bars but finished her routine with a good double layout. Woo also competed on floor where she opened her routine with a great piked full in. Thea Brogli from Switzerland competed a full twisting Yurchenko but landed on one knee and put her hands down. She also competed a low difficulty floor routine and incurred an out of bounds deduction which left her in ninth place.

Swiss Cup

The Swiss Cup has an interesting format as it is a pairs and elimination round competition. On 6 November 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland, eight teams competed two events and the top six teams competed in the semi final round on a third event. The top three teams repeated an event which decided the podium order. Team Ukraine won mainly due to Oleg doing Oleg things. Angelina Kysla assisted with a Yurchenko full, a good bar routine but a very low dismount in which one of her knees touched the mat. In the final round Angelina competed a front handspring front pike with a large step forward on vault. German team of Kim Bui and Marcel Nguyen placed second behind the Ukrainians and it was largely a team effort. If the competition had been an all around competition, Kim would have placed first and Marcel would have placed second behind Oleg. Kim competed on uneven bars in the first round and GymMapStics would like to offer up sacrificial grips and leotards on the altar of Kim’s Bhardwaj and Gienger. She does those two skills so beautifully. Kim competed a front handspring front pike half on vault and a solid floor routine which helped bring her team to the final round where she competed a Yurchenko full twist. Angelina Melnikova competed with Nikita Ignatyev and advanced to the semi final round despite falling on her piked Jaeger on bars in the first round. Angelina’s strong floor routine that opens with a double layout and then a piked full in helped the team advance. Melnikova performed a strong beam routine with a strong back handspring back handspring layout split jump wolf jump combination. She finished her routine with a completely stuck double pike dismount. In the final round Gelya repeated her fall on a piked jaegar despite hitting the rest of her routine. She and Ignatyev finished in third place. Ilaria Kaslin and Pablo Bragger finished just short of the podium in fourth place. Before the team’s elimination, Ilaria competed on floor, beam, and bars. Ilaria earned the third highest score on both beam and bars. Jessica Lopez, who competed with Brazilian Arthur Nory, contributed solid routines on both bars and floor which helped advance the pair to the next round. Jessica then competed a very strong balance beam routine featuring an impressive round off layout but the team did not advance to the final round and concluded the meet in sixth place. Fan favorite Eythora Thorsdottir from Netherlands performed a good floor routine but received two out of bounds deductions. She then competed on beam where she split the beam on a ring leap, which was her first skill. Eythora did not compete on any other events because her team failed to qualify into the semi final round. Victoria Woo from Canada, Anne Kuhm of France, Leah Greisser from Germany, and Caterina Barloggio from Switzerland, who advanced to the semi final with teammate Eddy Yusof, also competed.

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Kerry Joyce • 08/11/2016

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