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Baltics and Back to Ireland

Hello dear reader! Aka Mom. How are you? It’s been a while so let’s pick up where we left off.

When we last caught up GymMapstics was in Russia where her plan to travel the Transiberian Railway was reduced to spending a few days in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg. She left her gorgeous hostel in Saint Petersburg and boarded a bus to Estonia where she would spend a few days in the capital, Talinn. She did not know then that Talinn is very small and requires roughly one day rather than three. GymMapStics’ bus brought her into the capital around 5pm so she checked into the hostel, which included a welcome shot, went to a pretty nice grocery store, gathered some food, cooked said food, lost a round of beer pong and went to sleep.

The next day GymMapStics planned to join the free walking tour as she had previously done in many cities previously but she missed it. She did her own tour and walked around the entire city of Talinn. It took about an hour. She then visited a coffee shop where she typed stuff up for the blog that you are currently reading, returned to the hostel, and attempted to go to sleep. GymMapStics had unfortunately chosen to stay in a party hostel and could not sleep due to the very loud party going on outside her room. Around 3am she watched the final Presidential debate.

The next morning GymMapStics returned to the same coffee shop she had visited the previous day and had some soup and ice coffee and then returned to the hostel where she watched season 3 of Transparent. GymMapStics did not mind having a few lame days after she had spent most of her time in Russia running around like that enormous scary chicken had been chasing her.

GymMapStics left Talinn after three pretty long days and took a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania. The bus ride, during which GymMapStics had to ward off a man’s smelly feet, continually assure said man with smelly feet that her phone did not have a “cardio app” that was messing with his pace maker (see Snaps below), and finally watched Inception, (I know, I know, I’m seven years late to the party here, but yes, it was indeed a good film) was probably more interesting than both Talinn and Vilnius.  GymMapStics checked into her hostel in Vilnius, cooked dinner, and went to sleep. Long bus rides tire her out.

The following day GymMapStics did the Vilnius walking tour, despite the extreme cold. She visited one artsy area that claims it is an independent country where one must smile all the time, always wave to each other and other hippy dippy stuff, and even has it’s own constitution. GymMapStics then visited every store in Vilnius looking for a coat but could not find one to fit her small budget. She then went back to the hostel where she took a nap. GymMapStics then had another coffee shop day the next day because it was way too cold to do anything.

The next day GymMapStics took another day long bus ride to Warsaw, making it her third day long bus ride in seven days. She had planned to do some of these trips overnight to both save money on accommodation and not miss a day of doing or seeing things but she really was not missing much by spending a day on a bus. Also, there were so many movies to watch on the buses! She watched 22 Jump Street and Neighbors, both of which she highly recommends.

Upon arriving in Warsaw, GymMapStics checked into her hostel and promptly had her first and only encounter with bed bugs. She was sitting on her bed on her phone when one crawled right down the blanket right in front of her. She grabbed the blanket, ran to the front desk, and screeched incoherently at the girl standing there. GymMapStics finally calmed down enough to ask the girl if the thing on her bedspread was a bed bug to which the girl responded, “Uh, I don’t know. Is it a bed bug?” Luckily another employee of the hostel came out and he said that it was a bed bug so they would move GymMapStics’ room. GymMapStics sprinted back to her room to move everything away from the infested bed, moved rooms, and washed all her clothing in high heat. The hostel gave her a coupon for free breakfast and she has not seen a single bed bug since.

The next day GymMapStics boarded a bus and then a plane and then another bus and then a car and was back in Ireland with her favorite creature on the entire island….


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Kerry Joyce • 27/03/2017

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