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2016 US Secret Classic: 80% is a B Minus

The 2016 US Secret Classic took place on June 4, 2016 and while twenty five gymnasts competed, only thirteen gymnasts competed all four events. Frequently throughout the broadcast avid fans heard the gymnasts and coaches mention that they should be operating at about 80%, which is a B minus. GymMapStics will adjust accordingly and only put 80% effort into this analysis. 

Assuming a few of the gymnasts who regularly attend National Team Training camp but do not currently appear on the National Team roster earned their P&G Championship qualifying score behind the pink and purple curtain separating the Ranch from the rest of the world, only seven or eight gymnasts needed to compete the all around in order to qualify to the national championships. As a result the meet yielded some strange results, such as Rachel Gowey earning second pace in the all around despite earning her best placement on floor with a fourth place finish. GymMapStics has decided to look at the top four on each event and examine how they might change after P&G Championshpis because we all know the US Secret Classic really means nothing.


Aly Raisman 6.3, 9.4, 15.7
MyKayla Skinner 6.3, 9.1, 15.4
Amelia Hundley 5.8, 9.25, 15.05
Alyssa Baumann 5.8, 8.95, 14.750

Simone may shake up these rankings just a tad. Scoring seemed rather…generous at the Secret Classic and Simone probably would have earned a 9.975 in execution. Additionally, at P&G Championships only gymnasts who compete two vaults will be eligible for the national vault title and out of the top three at P&G’s Skinner alone competes two vaults. Simone and Skinner each upgraded a different vault yet now compete the same vaults, which sounds like a riddle but it is not. Skinner upgraded to an Amanar and Simone (finally) upgraded to a Cheng and the two American’s tie each other in difficulty as well as 2015 World Championships vault gold and silver medalists, assuming neither will throw an ill advised and dangerous triple twisting Yurchenko. Gabby Douglas will most likely rank highly in this event regardless of whether she competes an Amanar or a solid double twisting Yurchenko.


Ashton Locklear 6.4, 9.45, 15.85
Madison Kocian 6.7, 9.0, 15.7
Gabby Douglas 6.6, 9.050, 15.650
Laurie Hernandez 6.4, 9.0 15.4

People love rivalries and seeing as Simone on a Good Day vs Simone on a Less Than Good Day does not feed the hungry rivalry monster living inside all of us, Ashton vs. Madison for bars specialist seems to be the summer’s hot match up. Madison is the reigning uneven bars World Champion but so are three other gymnasts. Ashton earned an insane score at the Secret Classic with an excellent routines but as previously stated, scores seemed grounded in encouraging gymnasts more so than reflecting their actual routines. (For example, Aly commented that she still received a decent score for her bar routine and that she might have gotten some help there. GymMapStics is right there with you, girl. Kudos for being realistic.) Either gymnast could make the Olympic uneven bars final and contend for a medal as well as increase the USA’s bar total. The two gymnasts diverge greatly on other events. Madison competes all four events but frequent injuries have barred her from doing so regularly over the past few years and she lacks another standout event. She also fell on a relatively easy skill on beam at the Secret Classic. Ashton does not train vault or floor which limits her possible contributions in a team final and makes beam extremely important for her. Gabby Douglas and Laurie Hernandez placed third and fourth respectively and these rankings should not shake up too much during P&G’s. One interesting note: four tenths separate the first place and the fourth place bar worker and the United States earned the team gold medal in London with a five point advantage. Another interesting note: Simone Biles placed fifth on bars.


Simone Biles 6.7, 8.95, 15.65
Alyssa Baumann 6.6, 8.75, 15.35
Aly Raisman 6.2, 8.8, 15.00
Ashton Locklear 5.8, 8.95, 14.75

Simone was Simone on beam and she should continue to earn the national title and should she make the Olympic team, she has a high chance of competing in the final and earning a medal. Gabby Douglas’ levitation magic trick left her in a tie for six place and two solid routines from her at P&G’s could boost her ranking. Additionally, Laurie Hernandez and Ragan Smith earned higher scores than Aly Raisman in Jesolo; however, Ragan’s upgrade to a Patterson dismount did not seem to have assisted her very much and Laurie’s status remains somewhat of a question mark because of that dead man’s knee part in her knee. Her words, not GymMapStics’. As previously mentioned, beam holds great importance for Ashton Locklear because it is half of her gymnastics and it is the half that is not earning insane scores. Alyssa Baumann had a really great meet but the real test for her will be competing over two days during P&G’s.


Aly Raisman 6.5, 9.0, 15.5
Alyssa Baumann 6.0, 8.75, 14.75
Christina Desiderio 5.9, 8.5 (-.1) 14.3
Rachel Gowey 5.7, 8.5, 14.2

Here’s a sentence you’ve never heard before: Simone should win at P&G’s and contend for a medal in Rio should she make the team (knock on wood and rub rabbits feet and don’t walk under Speith beams and all sorts of superstitions stuff like that). She’s won the past three floor World Championships medals and competes the hardest floor routine in the world and does it with amazing execution. Mykayla Skinner has competed an extremely difficult floor routine that includes a double twisting double layout throughout the entire quad and should finish high in the floor rankings at P&G Championships. Gabby and Ragan may also shake up the rankings seeing as they both finished right behind Aly in Jesolo but Raisman should remain in the top three at the conclusion of national championships. Laurie receives a lot of attention due to her enthusiasm on floor but she did not make the event final in Jesolo with only a 5.9 difficulty routine and her knee injury suggests she has not upgraded enough to be competitive against Simone, Mykayla, and Raisman.

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Kerry Joyce • 22/06/2016

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