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2016 Olympics Podium Training with Uncle Tony

Podium training for the 2016 Olympics took place yesterday and Tony Perkins has all the feelings about it. 


Gymnastics podium training took place and then everyone exploded because their favorite US gymnast did not compete in the order they wanted or whatever and the gymternet ceased to exist. Apparently facial expression and perceived attitude should contribute to which events on which a gymnast competes.  News to GymMapStics. Additionally, completely bonkers Olympic Trials scores apparently mean everything. The gymnasts practiced in the order Marta and staff and coaches, aka the people whose career and professions are “gymnastics,” picked the order they believe will achieve the best results and medals.

deal wih it

Some people really need to just chill.


Regardless of who practiced on what event and when, the USA team had a fantastic podium training session and should dominate qualifications on Sunday.


Gabby Douglas, the first reigning Olympic all around champion since Our Lady Nadia herself to return to the Olympics, began the podium training and hit a strong routine. As Marta stated during her recent press conference, Gabby’s full in to back tuck connection looks much better than it has in the past. Laurie Hernandez, who recently eschewed her NCAA eligibility in favor of accepting prize money and endorsements in what may have been a premature move given the small likelihood of her earning more than a team medal, performed a pretty standard floor routine. Her wonky double layout scares GymMapStics every single time but her other passes and dance were fine. Simone Biles also performed her normal routine and normal for her is insanely difficult and extremely well executed. Aly rounded out the rotation as one would expect the reigning Olympic floor medalist and hit all of her passes, including her phenomenal opening pass, her huge Dos Santos, and her great double layout. Aly hopefully will be pleased with herself regardless of the medal outcomes and she seems smart enough to know that retuning to the Olympics at all is a great feat.


The team moved to vault where Simone nailed the crap out of her Amanar, which is a skill she has had perfected for years. She also has excellent form on her Cheng, which will really give last years medalists a run for their money. Gabby and Laurie performed decent double twisting Yurchenkos. Al hit some awesome Amanars and appeared positively jazzed about it.

aly jaz gif

Luckily, the pre-Olympic nine day training session at the ranch seemed to have whipped Gabby into shape and Marta’s absolute worst fear did not occur:


The team moved to bars where Gabby seemed like the Gabby of old on bars by nailing every handstand and swinging with great ease. Simone hit her practice routines and GymMapStics cannot remember ever seeing a gymnast so ready for a fantastic competition. Aly’s podium training routine seemed pretty average for her, which means she appears labored and has floppy feet but gets through it. Laurie did not have a fantastic training either but she has pointy feet and contortionist hips which distract from the missed handstands and massive leg separations. Madison Kocian looked fantastic, as a four way tie gold medal winner should. She also seems to have a different message to the wooden rails when she competes. 


The gymnasts finished the training day on beam where they all had solid sets, putting the team in a great position for the qualification round. Highlights include Aly’s flawless back handspring layout, Gabby’s standing full, Laurie’s punch front to wolf jump, and everything Simone does.

Other countries will participate in this competition… but where are these gymnasts from?

far away

Hong Un Jong attempted the triple twisting Yurchenko in podium training, a feat which would require a boost from The Blob for most gymnasts to attempt.


GymMapStics does not feel overly optimistic that HUJ will successfully land this in competition but she does feel excited that after sixteen years someone is pushing the difficulty on Yurchenko style vaults. Also, the introduction of new skills in the Olympic year is always very exciting.

pleases me

British gymnasts Ellie and Becky Downie are sisters but also what sort of training partners. They are so lucky to train in the special system.


Video surfaced of Ellie training a standing Arabian on beam and for her the standing part of the skill refers to her completing the skill completely upright in a standing position. Ellie also trained a Patterson dismount.

Well everyone, qualifications are upon us, which only leaves one question…


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Kerry Joyce • 05/08/2016

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