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2016 Ljubljana World Cup Beam and Floor Results

2016 Ljubljana World Cup beam and floor finals took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia today. 

  1. Yueh Tan Ing (MAS) 5.6, 8.2, 13.8
  2. Adela Sajn (SLO) 5.3, 8.0, 13.3 
  3. Sydney Soloski (CAN) 5.3, 7.9, 13.2
  4. Teja Belak (SLO) 5.5, 7.6, 13.1
  5. Tzuf Feldon (ISR) 5.0, 7.75, 12.75
  6. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) 5.2, 7.45, 12.65
  7. Luca Diveky (HUN) 5.1, 7.5, 12.6 
  8. Anastasiia Bieliaieva (UKR) 5.3, 6.7, 12.00

Yueh Tan Ing competed the highest difficuly beam routine and also earned the highest exeuction. Yueh performs exciting and unique connections such as side aerial to layout stepout and leap to side somi, which she connects fluidly even though it sounds like a weird connection. Yueh performed a solid and clean set which earned her the gold medal. Slovenian gymnast Adela Sajn earned the silver medal with an routine that also has unusual connections. Adela competes a side aerial to side somi connection, which she missed in qualifications but hit in the final and a front aerial to front handspring combination which she missed today. She earned two tenths less in both difficulty and execution but the overall tighter judging meant a second place finish for Adela. Sydney Soloski of Canada took third place with a solid routine featuring her handstand back handspring layout stepout combination. She also competed a front aerial to sheep jump and a front layout full twist dismount. Teja Belak competed the second highest difficulty routine but her relatively low execution of 7.9 left her out of the medals. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi from Malaysia had a wobble filled routine, including a major wobble on her side somi, and another big break after her switch ring. Despite those two errors she nailed her back handspring to two footed layout. Luca Diveky from Hungary fell on a double turn but hit her front aerial and nailed her back handspring back tuck. Israel’s Tzuf Feldon did not fall but low difficulty of only 4.8 points and low execution scores left her with a seventh place finish. Anastasiia Bieliaieva from Ukraine fell during her side aerial back handspring combination and ended up in last place. Anastasiia also perfroms an L turn with a flexed front foot on both beam and floor which is very very weird.

Floor Exercise
  1. Ang Tracie (MAS) 5.1, 8.35, 13.45
  2. Sydney Soloski (CAN) 5.5, 7.8, 13.3
  3. Dorina Boczogo (HUN) 5.4, 7.95, 13.25
  4. Paula Andrea Mejias Rodriguez (PUR) 5.9, 7.6,13.2
  5. Tjasa Kysselef (SLO) 4.7, 8.15, 12.85
  6. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) 5.,1 7.85, 12.85
  7. Teja Belak (SLO) 4.7, 8.1, 12.8
  8. Anastasiia Bieliaieva (UKR) 5.1, 7.4, 12.5

Ang Tracie earned Malaysia’s second gold medal of the competition with a very energetic floor routine. Ang competed the fourth highest difficulty floor routine but her excellent execution, which earned her 8.35, allowed her to take first place. Sydney Soloski performed the routine with the second highest difficulty and opened her routine with a huge double layout. She also competed a two and a half twist and a double tuck. Dorina Boczogo from Hungary earned the bronze medal with a solid routine. She began her routine with a piked full in and then performed a front handspring front double tuck but lost a tenth of a point due to stepping out of bounds, without which she would have earned the silver medal. Paula Andrea Mejias Rodriguez competed the highest difficulty routine of the final with 5.9 points but earned a low execution score of only 7.6 points. Perhaps the judges saw something that people in the stands could not because Paula’s execution score does not make any sense. She lost three tenths due to stepping out of bounds, which is unfortunate because otherwise she would have won first place.  Slovenia’s Tjasa Kysselef performed a low difficulty routine which included tumbling passes of round off double tuck, round off one and a half twist, and front handspring front full. Her low difficulty kept her low in the final rankings. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi of Malaysia also had a step out of bounds despite an otherwise clean routine. Teja Belak hit a solid routine but her low difficulty of only 4.7 points resulted in a seventh place finish. Anastasiia Bieliaieva from Ukraine finished in eighth place. Although she tied Ang Tracie for difficulty, Anastasiia’s poor form on many elements earned her only 7.4 points in execution.

Congrats to all the gymnasts and especially all the medalists!

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Kerry Joyce • 10/04/2016

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