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2016 Elite Massilia Open Division Highlights

Almost 100 gymnasts competed in the open division of the Elite Massilia competition on 11 November 2016 in Marseilles, France.

Seeing as roughly one million gymnasts competed in France this weekend, we here at GymMapStics decided to highlight the top 15 or so gymnasts. If you care to scroll through 100 gymnasts’ results, you may do so here.

Top 5 All Around

Russian/American/Wogan Irina Alexeeva won the individual all around competition and debuted a few new skills since she took home the gold medal at the 2015 US Secret Classic. The fourteen year old trains in Texas but does not US citizenship, which prevented her from contending for the US national title as well as for a spot on the US National Team at P&G Championships. The WOGA coaches are pretty smart to have brought her to this meet for international experience as she currently cannot gain experience competing for either the USA or Russia. 

Irina competed a full twisting Yurchenko in Marseilles and earned an impressive 9.00 execution score. She upgraded her uneven bar routine by four tenths since the Secret Classic and her 6.2 difficulty and 8.633 earned her the highest score of the day. Irina added both a new low to high bar and high to low connection with a Van Leuween and Pak Salto. She continues to compete her layout Jaegar and sky high double front dismount. Irina’s great form, strong handstands, and excellent swing show that she has clearly been taught by the same coaches as the current uneven bars Olympic silver medalist. Irina’s beam routine includes a new round off layout step out mount connected to an immediate layout step out. She also changed her dismount to a back handspring back handspring double pike instead of the round off double pike she competed in June. The bones of the routine remain the same, including an Onodi that Irina does not seem too comfortable competing, a wolf turn double, and a front aerial connected to a jump. Irina competed the same tumbling passes she competed previously in the year which are a double layout, two and a half to front full, double twist, and double pike. She added a Memmel turn, or double Y turn, named after 2005 World All Around champion and 2008 Olympian Chellsie Memmel. Irina has a very strong future ahead of her in gymnastics and GymMapStics cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. 

French gymnast Alison Lepin took the silver medal and had a strong competition overall. She competed the highest difficulty uneven bar routine with 6.6 points. Her jam packed routine includes a Komova II transition and Ricna and Galante transitions. Alison has high difficulty, especially for a junior, but can really work on improving her form before she transitions into the senior division. Alison fell on a full turn on balance beam but she hit the rest of her routine. She competed an interesting gainer back handspring back handspring layout step out combination, side aerial, Onodi, and a back handspring back handspring double twist dismount. Alison only competed three tumbling passes on floor but low difficulty across the competition allowed her to finish the event in third place.

Melissa Poitreau, also from France, placed third, largely due to her strong 5.7 difficulty beam routine. Melissa competes almost every skill possible on the event, including switch leap connected to switch leap quarter, back handspring back handspring layout, front aerial, side aerial, switch leap half side somi, and back handspring back handspring double twist dismount. Melissa also competed a full twisting Yurchenko vault and bars and floor routines with only 4.9 and 4.8 difficulty scores.

Fourth place went to Alisson Lapp, who also comes from France and performs an amazing techno Swan Lake floor routine that puts Komova’s 2011 routine to shame and that you have to watch right now.

Alisson’s clean tumbling and difficulty of 5.0 points earned her third place on the event. She also placed second on balance beam with a 5.7 difficulty routine. She mounts with what seems like a boring straddle hold but she then turns it into a regular split on the beam. What a time to be alive when doing a split on the beam instead of a straddle is seen as innovative and unique. Alisson performed a very strong back handspring back handspring layout and an excellent triple dismount. She competed a full twisting Yurchenko on vault but only competed a 3.9 difficulty routine on uneven bars. Alisson did not compete a release skill other than a Pak salto. Alisson placed rather high in a very large field in spite of one very low scoring event and should be pleased with the result. Alisson is another gymnast to keep your eye on throughout the upcoming quadrennium. 

Victoria Jurca was the highest placing Canadian in fifth and also was the only gymnast who competed two vaults. She did not compete vaults from two different families which will be required when she competes as a senior. Victoria performed a round off half on back tuck and a round off half on back pike off and earned the second highest score on the event. Victoria competed a 5.7 difficulty beam routine but an execution score of 7.067 put her in sixteenth place on the event. The Canadian gymnast fell on her Ray release skill on uneven bars but competed a strong routine aside from the error that included a sole circle half twist dismount. 

Outside Top 5 AA

Juliette Bossu (FRA), Janna Mouffok (FRA), Alix Scandella (FRA),  and Darcy Norman (AUS) placed third through sixth on uneven bars. Bossu competes a long routine that includes a Komova, Pak, and Van Leeuwen transitions, a beautiful Jaegar, and a double front dismount. Alix Scandella and Janna Mouffok also compete good routines with a bail, Jaegar, and double layout dismount. Darcy Norman begins her routine with a Weiler half and follows up with a Maloney, Pak, toe on full, Gienger, and a double pike dismount. Brooklyn Moors from Canada placed fifth on floor with a front tumbling heavy routine including a front handspring double front, front handspring front double twist to punch front, and a round off double twist. Israeli gymnast Tzuf Feldon earned the fourth highest beam score with 5.4 difficulty and 7.867, followed by Czechia’s* Adela Merkova who scored a 13.167 with 5.2 in difficulty and  7.967 in execution. 

*Someone from there actually referred to it as Czechia so it apparently is a thing. 


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Kerry Joyce • 12/11/2016

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