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2016 Elite Massilia Master Division Highlights

The Elite Massilia Master Division took place on 12 November 2016 in Marseilles, France. Only 32 gymnasts competed, as opposed to the 99 that competed in the Open Division. 

Top Three All Around

Russian junior Anastasia Iliankova won the all around with 56.550 points over teammate Elena Eremina who score 55.250 points. Iliankova competed two vaults in Marseilles: a full twisting Yurchenko and round off half on front salto off. She earned the highest score of the competition on uneven bars with a 6.4 difficulty routine and a very impressive opening sequence. Anastasia begins with a kip cast handstand and then performs a Hindorff directly to a Pak salto to Maloney to uprise to blind change to Ezhova. This is a routine you really have to see.

The current European Junior uneven bar and balance beam champion earned the third highest score on balance beam and competed a pretty shaky routine. She hit all her skills but had numerous wobbles and balance checks. She performed a nice illusion turn and performed her Y turn with the least amount of wobbles. Iliankova’s 5.5 difficulty and 8.45 execution score earned her the highest score on floor exercise, where she competed a full in, two and a half t punch front, double pike, and double tuck. Iliankova will enter the senior division next year where she should definitely make a splash.

Elena Eremina won the 2016 European Junior all around title and had a strong performance again in France where she won the silver medal. Elena competed both a Yurchenko full and a Yurchenko one and a half twist which put her in fourth place on the event. In good Russian style, Elena earned her highest score on uneven bars where she placed second behind Iliankova with a 5.8 difficulty routine for which she earned 8.65 in execution for a total of 14.450 points. Elena performed routines worth 5.2 on both beam and floor and she placed fifth and sixth respectively on the events. She competed a good routine on beam and unfortunately went out of bounds on a one and a half through to two and a half twist. 

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos from France earned the bronze medal due to her strong efforts on bars and beam. She competed a 5.9 difficulty routine that included a Komova II transition, Galante or inbar stalder to straddle hect, Pak, Van Leeuwen, anda double layout dismount. Melanie performs a large amount of giants between her skills and could polish up her toes and handstand but she should be extremely pleased with her fourth place score on this event. Melanie earned the second highest score on balance beam where she performs a front tuck mount followed up with a punch front. She also performs a back hand spring layout step out, a front aerial, and a round off double tuck dismount. Melanie fell on her front handspring front full on floor, without which she might have cut into Eremina’s lead. Melanie successfully landed her double layout on floor as well as her full in and double tuck. 

Outside Top Three AA

Colline Devillard from France earned the highest score of 15.10 on vault with a very impressive Rudi and full twisting Yurchenko.

The Russian seniors did not have as great a meet as their junior counterparts and they should thank the juniors for carrying them to first place as a team. Daria Spiridonova placed sixth and Seda Tutkhalyan placed thirteeth. Spiridonova overcooked a handstand on bars and had to take an extra swing and on floor she went out of bounds on a double tuck and fell on a punch front out of her two and a half twist. She had a good routine on bars despite the small error and hit her beam set, which earned her the fourth highest score on the event. Seda fell twice on balance beam, both on layout skills out of a round off which might mean it’s time to rid her routine of that type of skill. She had a good uneven bar routine and a strong floor routine. 

Alice Kinsella from Great Britain earned the highest score on balance beam with 14.00 points (5.6, 8.4). She qualified into the event finals and look out for a more in depth analysis in the event final highlights! 

Victoria Jurca from Canada competed a 5.6 difficulty floor routine including a piked full in, tucked full in, punch front through to double pike, and a double tuck. The relatively strong difficulty and good execution earned her the second highest floor score. 

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Kerry Joyce • 13/11/2016

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