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2016 Elite Massilia Event Finals Highlights

The massive 2016 Elite Massilia competition ended 13 November 2016 with the event finals. 


France’s Colline Devillard placed first after competing a Rudi and a full twisting Yurchenko. The relatively difficult vaults with difficulty values of 6.2 and 5.0 helped her win the gold medal but Colline also had relatively good form. She had slightly bend legs on her Rudi and landed with her chest low and took a small hop backward on her Yurchenko. Colline’s solid vaults bode well for her future and hopefully she will make appearances in European or world championship vault finals! Russian Elena Eremina tied Australia’s Naomi Lee for the silver medal with a Yurchenko one and a half and a Yurchenko full. Elena competed a much better Yurchenko full than a Yurchenko one and a half, during which she had bent legs and a bend in her hips. Naomi competed a full twisting Yurchenko with great height and great form.

Victoria Jurca from Canada competed a round off half on back pike and round off half on back tuck off. Emi Watterson from Australia competed a strong Yurchenko full and a Yurchenko layout. Russian Olympian Seda Tutkalyan  had a rough day. She competed a double twisting Yurchenko but appeared to have missed the timing on her block and landed on her hands and knees. She followed up her rough vault with a good round off half on layout half off.

Uneven Bars

Irina Alexeeva representing the World (Olympic Gymnastics Academy) won the gold medal on uneven bars. She competed a good routine with a 6.3 difficulty score. GymMapStics oh-ed and ah-ed over her gymnastics in the Open Division highlights so head over there for more gushing over her wonderful gymnastics. Anastasia Iliankova from Russia missed a connection between her Pak salto and Maloney transition which reduced her difficulty by one tenth. She earned the silver medal but the one tenth did not mean the difference between first and second place as she earned three tenths less than Irina in execution. French gymnast Alison Lepin had the highest difficulty in the final with 6.5 points but execution of only 7.9 points put her in the bronze medal position. Lepin competes some noteworthy skills, including a Komova II transition as well as a Ricna and Galante. Lepin’s teammate Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos also competes a Komova II and Galante release move and finished the final in fourth place. Great Britain’s Teaja James performed a good routine with only a 5.0 difficulty but she earned the second highest execution score of 8.2 points. Elena Eremina finished in sixth place despite a good qualifying score. She earned a full 1.417 points less in execution than in the Masters Division, largely due to hitting her feet on the low bar during a giant. Emi Watterson competed a stalder full, Maloney transition, bail, Van Leeuwen and then unfortunately fell on her piked Jaeger but finished her routine with a good full in dismount.

Balance Beam

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos took the 2016 Massilia beam title with a good routine that impressed from the start. She mounts with a punch front out of which she does a split jump and continued with a solid routine featuring another punch front and a back handspring layout step out. She dismounted with a good round off double tuck. Anastasia Iliankova earned the silver medal despite performing a round off throw yourself backwards and land on the beam style salto. Pretty rough skill. Anastasia also had a check on her illusion turn but hit her side somi, side aerial, front aerial, and round off double tuck dismount. Irina Alexeeva won the bronze medal with a somewhat wobbly routine. She wobbled on her (amazing) opening mount combination and on her back handspring back handspring layout step out but performed well throughout the rest of her routine including her two back handsprings to double tuck dismount. Lourette Charpy from France missed out on a medal with a fourth place finish. She performed a round off whip, Onodi, switch leap to back tuck, and a round off double pike dismount. Russian gymnast Daria Spiridonova had many balance checks through out her routine and had a somewhat scary dismount. She performed a round off double tuck but landed with her legs locked and her top half completely bend over, which could not have felt good. Great Britain’s Alice Kinsella and Lucy Stanhope rounded out the final and both of these gymnasts competed a backwards salto to chest stand mount, which is incredibly cool.

Alice earned the highest score on balance beam in the Master Division but a fall on her front aerial left her in the bottom of the rankings. Alice competes a really nice side aerial to layout step out and a good two and a half twisting dismount. Lucy fell on her punch front but competed a good back handspring layout step out.

Floor Exercise

Anastasia Iliankova won the gold medal on floor exercise with a good routine featuring a full in, two and a half to punch front, double pike, and double tuck. Teaja James from Great Britain earned the silver medal with a huge double tuck, triple twist, one and a half twist to layout and two and a half twist. Teaja competed a wolf turn into a tumbling log roll for which she should be praised for the remainder of time.

Vicotoria Jurca won the bronze medal and also competed the most difficult routine. She opened with a huge piked full in that she followed up with a tucked full in. Victoria then performed a pike through to double tuck and a double pike. Iness Ben Rhouma from France placed fourth and bounced out of bounds on her opening pass of a double tuck. Georgia Godwin from Australia competed a strong routine with two front tumbling and two back tumbling passes, which is an interesting balance that not too many gymnasts can accomplish. France’s Laurie Denommee finished low in the rankings but competed very strong and impressive tumbling passes. She opened with a double layout and then competed a stuck piked full in and a double pike with a great set. Seda Tutkalyan had another rough routine during event finals. She landed her double pike very low and put her hands down and then bounced onto her back and out of bounds on her double tuck. Seda had a rough competition here and another rough meet last weekend in Barcelona. Hopefully she can get some rest before the 2017 elite season gets underway. 

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Kerry Joyce • 14/11/2016

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