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2016 Cottbus World Challenge Cup Beam and Floor Results and Recap

The final day of the Cottbus World Challenge Cup took place today with the beam and floor finals.

  1.  Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska (POL)
  2. Sophie Scheder (GER) 
  3. Sanne Wevers (NED) 
  4. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)
  5. Ionna Xoulogi (GRE) 
  6. Nora Fernandez (ESP) 
  7. Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) 
  8. Teja Belak (SLO) 

Teja Belak from Slovenia started off the competition on beam and had a big wobble and broken connection on her front aerial to back handspring and then fell on her side somi. She also sat her double tuck dismount and ended the competition in last place. Ionna Xoulogi competed after Teja and performed a solid routine including an excellent back handspring back tuck. Nora Fernandez competed next and successfully performed her shoulder stand mount, switch leap back tuck, back handspring back handspring layout step out and side somi.  She had a slight balance check on her wide aerial but hit her double pike dismount. Sophie Scheder earned the silver medal with a solid routine that included a back handspring layout step out, a front aerial to Sissone, a side somi,  a Y turn, a wobbly side aerial and wobbly tour jete, and a gainer layout dismount. Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska earned the gold medal with a great routine featuring unusual skills and connections such as front toss to back handspring, side aerial, Sissone to side somi, single L turn, an illusion turn, a gainer full dismount. Katarzyna had the second highest difficulty score behind Sanne Wevers, who totaled a 6.3 for her D score. Sanne changed her routine from qualifying and instead of leaping onto the beam performed a round off full twisting back handspring onto the beam.  She warmed up a side aerial side aerial front aerial connection but only competed her usual side aerial to side aerial connection.  She also performed a double L turn and front aerial wolf jump. Sanne unfortunately fell on her triple turn and her single L turn to full turn to double turn looked much slower and less fluid than it did in qualifications but she hit her switch leap to full twisting back handspring. Sanne’s high start value allowed her to overcome the fall and earn the bronze medal. Oksana Chusovitina competed in the seventh spot and hit her punch front pike mount,  back handspring to two foot layout combination, and she performed the only wolf turn of the competition. Chuso’s relatively low difficulty score of 5.2 points put her in fourth place. Chuso’s teammate Dilnoza Abdusalimova competed last on beam and finished in seventh place. Dilnoza begins her routine with a jump to split mount that surprised many people in the audience and then continued to perform a front aerial, side aerial split jump Sissone combination, and then had a balance check on her back handspring layout step out that hurt her execution score.  Dilnoza capped off her Cottbus World Challenge Cup completion with a strong two and a half twisting dismount. 


1.Lisa Top (NED)
2.Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska (POL)
3.Sophie Scheder (GER)
       4T. Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL)
       4T. Angelina Kysla (UKR)
       4T. Simona Castro (CHI)
       7. Antonia Alicke (GER)
       8.  Veronika Cenkova (CZE)

Angelina Kysla competed first on floor and her routine includes an excellent piked full in and a one and a half through to two and a half twist on which she unfortunately stepped out of bounds. She concluded her routine with a double pike and ended up in a three way tie for forth place with Marta Pihan-Kulesza and Simona Castro. Veronika Cenkova competed a routine with simple tumbling passes including a double pike, front handspring full twist, and a double tuck on which she stumbled and sat. The Czech gymnast ended the competition in eighth place.  Antonia Alicke followed Veronika and fell on her first pass. She attempted to complete a front two and a half to front full connection but did not finish her two and a half upright enough to achieve a good set for her front full and landed on her back. She rebounded from the error and stuck her triple twist, double twist, and double tuck extremely well. The costly error put Antonia in seventh place. Sophie Scheder competed next and competed a very simple but very clean routine with only a 5.0 start value. Sophie’s strong execution score of 8.333 points allowed her to claim the bronze medal. Simona Castro also competed a simple but clean routine. Her simple tumbling passes include double twist, double pike, and round off back handspring two and a half twist. Marta Pihan-Kuleszaa performed her last competitive routine today and hit a solid round off double Arabian to stag jump, round off two and a half twist, and front handspring to front double twist. Marta finished just outside of the medals but the in house commentators congratulated Marta on her retirement and said they would miss her and hoped to see her back in Cottbus, even if she was sitting in the audience. After that emotional moment, Lisa Top performed her gold medal routine. She opened with a huge piked double Arabian and put a foot out of bounds and then stepped out again on her double front. She hit her front one and a half to front full but stepped out again in her double tuck ending pass. Lisa stuck each of her passes without moving a single toe during the warm up which makes her errors frustrating. The high difficulty of her routine as well as the solid execution with the exception of the steps out of bounds warned Lisa the gold medal. Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska competed after Lisa and also ended up after her in the final rankings. Katarzyna begins her routine with a front handspring double front and then performs a double twist and finishes with a front handspring full twist. Katarzyna’s 5.5 difficulty score and second highest execution score score of 8.033 earned her the silver medal.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts on an excellent competition! 


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Kerry Joyce • 03/04/2016

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