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2016 US Secret Classic Senior Preview and Podium Training Thoughts

The 2016 US Secret Classic will take place in Hartford, Connecticut on 4 June. 

Junior Roster

Shania Adams -Buckeye
Alyssa Al-Ashari – Twistars
Irina Alexeeva – WOGA
Elena Arenas – Georgia Elite
Cael Bixler – Prestige
Sloane Blakely – WOGA
Aria Brusch – Cincinnati Gymnastics
Chae Campbell – Metroplex
Jordan Chiles – Naydenov
Kinsey Davis – KPAC
Audrey Davis – WOGA
Olivia Dunne – ENA Paramus
Frida Esparza – Head Over Heels
Colbi Flory – Texas Dreams
Megan Freed – Parkettes
Jaylene Gilstrap – Metroplex
Maeve Hahn – First in Flight
Olivia Hollingsworth – Stars Gymnastics
Lilly Hudson – Vega Gymnastics
Morgan Hurd – First State
Kiya Johnson – Texas Dreams
Madeleine Johnston – Hills Gymnastics
Shilese Jones – Buckeye
Hannah Joyner – World Champions Centre
Adeline Kenlin – Iowa Gym Nest
Ellie Lazzari – Gym Nasti
Sunisa Lee – Midwest Gymnastics Center
Emily Lee – West Valley Gymnastics School
Lauren Letzsch – TIGAR
Lauren Little – Everest Gymnastics
Isabel Mabanta – Metroplex
Cameron Machado – First State
Emma Malabuyo – Texas Dreams
Jaymes Marshall – TIGAR
Riley McCusker – MG Elite
Deiah-Marie Moody – WOGA
Victoria Nguyen – Chows Gymnastics
Maile O’Keefe – Salcianu Gym
Gabby Perea – Legacy Elite
Abigail Scanlon – Capital NTC
Alyona Shchennikova – 5280
Caitlin Smith – Paramount Elite Gymnastics
Deanne Soza – Arete
Kalyany Steele – Colorado Aerials  
Tori Tatum – Twin City Twisters
Trinity Thomas – Prestige
Abi Walker – Texas Dreams


Alyssa Bauman – WOGA
Simone Biles – World Champions Centre
Leah Clapper – Gym America
Kaitlin DeGuzman – Metroplex
Christina Desiderio – Parkettes
Nia Dennis – Legacy Elite
Gabby Douglas – Buckeye
Brenna Dowell – GAGE
Jazmyn Foberg – MG Elite
Marz Fraizer – Parkettes
Emily Gaskins – Palm Beach Gymnastics
Rachel Gowey – Chows Gymnastics
Lauren Hernandez – MG Elite
Amelia Hundley – Cincinnati
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf = Brandy Johnsons Global Gymnastics
Madison Kocian – WOGA
Ashton Locklear – Everest Gymnastics
Maggie Musselman – Hills Gymnastics
Lauren Navarro – Gliders Charter Oak
Abby Paulson – Twin City Twisters
Alexandra Raisman – Brestyans 
Lexy Ramler  KidSport LLC
Emily Schild – Everest Gymnastics
MyKayla Skinner – Desert Lights
Ragan Smith – Texas Dreams
Olivia Trautman -Twin City Twisters
 Bailie Key – Texas Dreams (at podium training but not on roster)

The 2016 Olympic season has begun! Wow, weren’t we all just lamenting Kyla Ross’s Phantom of the Opera music yesterday??

Ross’s Fierce Five teammates Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman continue their second quest for an Olympic berth at the 2016 US Secret Classic. Gabby will only compete on bars and beam but Aly will compete in the all around. All around World Champion of the entire quad thus far Simone Biles also will compete only on bars and beam, which means Aly could earn the all around title as she did in 2012. It will be interesting to see if Aly competes her Amanar vault again or sticks to the easier and less risky double twisting Yurchenko. Aly competed high difficulty on floor last year and likely will not upgrade the event unless she increases the value on her dance skills. Aly’s podium training video on beam showed a solid beam routine featuring the same routine as last year, including her excellent Patterson dismount. Aly remains weaker on bars than on the other events but has not had a major 2010 style meltdown on bars in competition in quite a few years. But hopefully won’t have a major error like in 2015 World Championships qualifications..

Ragan Smith earned the silver medal on beam and floor and in the all aroundy at the 2016 Trofeo Citta di Jesolo. Ragan also could contend for the 2016 US Secret Classic all around title with the country’s top two all arounders only competing on two events. She showed a Patterson balance beam dismount during Secret Classic podium training and the change from a double pike increases her start value by two tenths. Ragan also trained a floor routine in podium training and her adorable Addams Family routine included a double layout, one and a half through to triple twist, layout, and double pike. 

Neither Simone nor Gabby have much to prove to the Selection Committee and both have already qualified to P&G Championships where they will attempt to qualify to Olympic Trials. The decision to compete only on bars and beam suggests the gymnastics plan to save their landing joints for later in the summer. According to an interview with FloGymnastics, Simone says Marta picks the more stressful bars and beam when gymnasts compete two events. Simone may have also rolled her eyes when stating this fact. Perhaps they will show small upgrades but expect routines similar last years.

Uneven bars four way tie World Champion Madison Kocian will make her competitive return after an ankle injury earlier this year. As her world title suggests, Madison excels on uneven bars and would be the most useful to Team USA on that event where luckily she only needs a functioning ankle for about three seconds. Under 2020 Rules, Madison could aim for a specialist spot but the 2020 Rules have not yet been implemented and Madison will need to show readiness on other events to be a serious Rio contender. Floor and vault include much more pounding on the ankles than beam and hopefully Madison’s ankle has healed enough for her to compete on beam this weekend. Madison’s teammate Alyssa Baumann competed on the 2014 World Championshps team but did not repeat in 2015. Baumann performs with great fluidity on beam and floor but her difficulty is not where it should be in order to be an Olympic contender.

2015 World Championships alternate MyKayla Skinner competes an extremely difficult floor routine and two very difficult vaults but Team USA has many other strong vaulters and floor workers. MyKayla must prove her value on bars or beam in order to fit into the Olympic team puzzle. The future Utah gymnast trained an upgraded full in dismount on balance beam as well as the back handspring back tuck full combination she has been competing for a few years but with which she sometimes struggles.

Brenna Dowell’s uneven bars inconsistency rivals that of Vanessa Atler’s but luckily Brenna does not have the media machine hyping her up. Brenna and her coaches attempted to quell the inconsistency on bars by including slightly less difficult combinations for the 2015 Pacific Rim Championships. Brenna hit her team final/qualifications routine but had a major error on her event final routine which keeps her hit rate at percent. Brenna does not have inconsistency issues on floor and hits her many many front tumling passes, including the front double pike which now bears her name. 

Laurie Hernandez and Jazym Foberg will make their senior domestic debuts. Laurie trained a new floor routine during podium training and GymMapStics uses the word “new” lightly. All of Laurie’s floor routines consist of the exact same pieces of overly dramatic choreography in slightly different order. Her 2013 routine seemed so creative and new and yes, girl sells the hell out of her routine but now her routine’s are stale. Laurie practiced a good uneven bars routine that includes a Downie and a Ricna to Pak but also performed her signature Stalder to straddle pirouette. The 2014 all around junior national champion Jazym Foberg has not competed since 2015 and has faced at least one injury in the past year. Hopefully she will have a successful first senior competition. 

Rachel Gowey has only competed on uneven bars and beam since injuring her ankle in 2014. Rachel earned the gold medal on bars at the 2015 Pan American Games and placed sixth on bars and beam at the 2015 P&G Championships.

Nia Dennis ruptured her Achilles tendon and the Secret Classic will help gauge her recovery. 

Emily Schild also competed at the 2015 Pan American Games and competed at the 2016 Troffeo Citta Di Jesolo. Emily performs a double twisting Yurchenko vault and a double front on floor. 

Amelia Hundley will compete her final elite season this year which is crazy because she has been an elite gymnast since the dawn of time.

Kaitlyn DeGuzman competed in the junior division at the 2015 US Secret Classic and will attempt to qualify to her first P&G Championships. 

Leah Clapper is one of the few gymnasts to never compete as a junior elite and make her senior debut and elite debut at the same time. Leah competes a very upbeat floor routine which has many opportunities for audience participation in the form of clap-a-longs and also claps prior to her beam dismount, which leads to many opportunities for Dad jokes. Leah competed a full twisting Yurchenko at the American Classic. 

Lexy Ramler will compete in her fourth Secret Classic and attempt to qualify to her second P&G Championships. Lexy has competed a Bhardwaj on uneven bars in the past and currently competes a Comaneci. She recently competed at L’International Gymnix.

Lauren Navarro will attempt to qualify to her fourth P&G Championships and Maggie Musselman will attempt to qualify to her second P&G Championships but her first senior championships.

Christina Desiderio, Emily Gaskins, Olivia Trautman and Abby Paulson will all make their senior debuts. 

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Kerry Joyce • 03/06/2016

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